Corrosion Resistant Linings (cont):
Our corrosion resistant construction utilizes a range of materials including epoxies, vinyl ester, furan, phenolic, potassium silicate, asphalt, chemical resistant brick, urethane, and ceramics. These materials are stocked in our warehouse inventory where they are readily available for our customer's emergency needs. Industry Services has the specialized equipment for the removal/installation of corrosion resistant linings. This includes tower and tube suspended scaffolds of various sizes, electronic hoist chairs for quick, effective inspections, confined safety equipment, and much more. No matter what size the job may be, we can provide the materials and equipment on short notice at competitive prices.

Industry Services corrosion resistant linings are in use in flooring, piping, tanks, containment structures, and chemical sewers and vessels which involves annual inspection/repair. Upon completion of an inspection/repair, updated files are maintained providing Industry Services and the customer with an accurate, complete status report on the lining or structure involved. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you. <-Previous